Could you be our nudge intern?

We have a fascinating opportunity for a University of Edinburgh undergraduate student to join our team as an intern this summer. The job has a cool title: nudge intern — or behavioural insights intern if you want to be a little more formal about it.

If you’ve read the book Nudge — or perhaps Thinking, Fast and Slow — you’ll have come across the idea before. The nudge intern is going to help us apply behavioural science approaches to positively influence the decision-making of people using our services.

This internship would be a great fit for anyone studying economics, psychology or similar social sciences. It’s about understanding how people behave, to inform how we can better design our services. Ideas around behavioural insights are a perfect fit for our work as a user experience team, so I’m really excited we’re getting the opportunity dedicate some attention to it in this way.

My colleagues in other teams across the department are also hiring student interns for the summer. So if you are (or know anyone who is) studying at the University of Edinburgh and want to get some fascinating work experience over the summer, browse all the internships.

Here are a few highlights:




Pursuits in human-centred approaches —

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Duncan Stephen

Duncan Stephen

Pursuits in human-centred approaches —

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